Monday, 24 June 2013

The Vyne - Part 2

Following on from the last post, there's plenty more to explore at The Vyne, from walks round the lake, and longer routes through woodland and wild garden areas, as well as a new children's play area.  I didn't have the energy for all that this time, but took a short stroll and enjoyed the beautiful old fashioned roses and interesting trees.

The house from the lake.

The visitor entrance at the side is surrounded by herbaceous borders.

The house is a curious mix of  styles due to it's history.  There's a good summary Here which I found after being too mean to buy the guide book!  Originally Tudor, it was transformed into a more classical style, but many of the rooms still have the dark panelling and heavy furniture from earlier times. These contrast with the stunning staircase hall and more feminine print room and bedrooms.  

18th century tapestries

The Long Gallery would have looked the same when King Henry VIII visited.

Pretty Victorian bedroom

I had to include this because of the amazing amount of tiny hand quilting (covered with netting for protection)

Bells in the servant's area.

Finally, a look at the front,

The family chapel

And a visit to the tea room for a lovely pot of tea and piece of carrot cake.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and are still awake!
I'm off to find my jumper, it's so flippin' cold:(
Have a good week :)


  1. Oh I do love all that blue paintwork . :)
    Fun tree too!
    V x

  2. Some bits are very Wedgewoodesque

  3. A big house - enough for me and my china! *laugh*
    But my interest is more in the garden. Thank you for showing.


  4. It looks lovely, it must have taken you ages to get round it all.

  5. I enjoyed the tour, thank you very much. I love the blue and white hallway. I'm also sitting here with shivers, need jumper too....crazy weather! x

  6. Awesome!! I enjoyed the beautiful tour!! thank you by share its!!

  7. Love it, the Vyne is definitely on my list now. Thanks Debbie!

    1. I'd forgotten what a fascinating place it is. There's plenty more to see. Shame it doesn't open 'till 11am as you could probably spend all day there! xx

  8. Loved the tour thanks. Beautiful house and stunning photos.
    Patricia x

  9. What a gorgeous place to visit! Those ceiling and stairs shots are magnificent!