Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Visit to The Vyne - Part 1

Yesterday, despite the weather,  I decided to visit The Vyne, a local National Trust property.  I haven't been for years, isn't it always the way when things are on your doorstep!, but there was an art exhibition by The Society of Floral Painters and it seemed a shame to miss it ( last day today).  Anyway, the art was wonderful, though no photos were allowed, but I took dozens of the gardens and house and managed to whittle them down a bit.  
The best bit for me is the Walled Garden.  This has recently been restored and is run by a team including volunteers and members of the charity Thrive that uses horticultural therapy to help people with disabilities.  A great idea.

The whole garden has a relaxed friendly feel.  Not overly "designed", with plenty of grass for families to relax on.

In one corner is a lovely chicken run with some happy looking Cotswold Black Tail hens.
We used to have the same ark and although they look nice I think it's a bad design if you have a dodgy back like me.  The whole other side lifts off for cleaning, but because of the shape you have to bend over while lifting, and it's not that light.  Just a tip in case you're looking for one.

Wonderful woven willow hen.

The beautiful glasshouse has been restored with the help of donations and plant sales and is home to a huge collection of pelargoniums and exotics.  Heaven!

Not far from the Walled Garden is the 17th century summerhouse.  Originally used as a banqueting house in the early 1600s where guest would have enjoyed the final course of the meal while admiring the gardens.  In the 1700s it became a place to take tea and finally in the 1800s it was adapted to become a pigeon loft, providing the household with eggs and meat.

Now missing it's 1st floor and quite spooky, but think of all the gossip that must have gone on in here!

I'll leave the rest of the gardens and house for the next post.
Bye for now.


  1. Very interesting! The garden ist not overloaded, I like him. And also I like chickens, because we had always some when I was a child!


  2. Beautiful. I love these old National Trust houses which are so full of character and loaded with history. Your photos are stunning and look forward to seeing part 2.
    Patricia x

  3. What a wonderful place, we've just got our NT annual pass and can't wait to use it. We have lots of very lovely local NT places! :) x

  4. Beautiful, I really love the glasshouse! :)
    V x

  5. What a beautiful blog is this, had not seen it before. Beautiful pictures of the walled garden with glasshouse but also memories to a very long time ago when I was as au pair in Southampton. On my first day off I visited Winchester Cathedral. I will be a new follower.

  6. What a lovely place to visit and I do so love that summer house! x

  7. We visited last year. It is a great NT property.

  8. What a beautiful house The Vyne is. Love the summer house and the greenhouses with all the geraniums!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  9. What a wonderful place! All walled gardens are magical but this one looks like something really special!

  10. Oh I love a walled garden, heavenly, and the glasshouses full of pelargoniums.
    Good to visit things more close to home for a change, you forget how good they are.

  11. What a great visit. I loved those walled gardens and those happy brown chickens with astonishing names!

  12. How lovely to see it as you say, less 'designed' it looks more of a kitchen garden and less of a NT exhibition piece. Wonderful to have it tended also by those with health issues too, a great idea.
    Fun to have the chickens personalised in that way too, thats clever!
    I adore climbing pelargoniums and they look just perfect in that glass house!

  13. What a lovely place. I've seen The Vyne referred to many a time in the NT magazine. It is worth a visit for the Walled Garden alone!

  14. Lovely pictures...and such an inspiring garden!
    Helen x

  15. That looks a beautiful garden to visit. The restoration of the walled garden looks so well done and it is lovely to see it returned to his previous use and at the same time help those with disabilities.
    Sarah x

  16. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing. :o)

  17. I had forgotten what a lovely interesting place the Vyne is to visit. It's now on my list of place we must go to again. I do enjoying wandering around gardens and also learning the history of a building.