Friday, 2 December 2011

Cherry and amaretti fridge cake

Thought I'd share a recipe I tore out of a magazine last year. (Sorry, can't remember which one, but could have been Sainsbury's)  I made a big batch and packaged some up in pretty bags for presents which went down a treat as it's so scrumptious. The amaretti biscuits and pistachios give it a lovely crunch. I made some more yesterday and quite a bit's disappeared already! This makes enough for a 7" square tin.
Sorry the photo's aren't great. It was so dark yesterday.

100g butter
125g amaretti biscuits
200g white chocolate
4tbsp golden syrup
100g glace cherries
80g pistachio nuts
100g dark chocolate

Put the white cocolate, butter and syrup in a bowl and gently melt over a pan of hot water.  Leave to cool slightly.

Meanwhile in another bowl add the crushed biscuits, chopped nuts, chopped cherries and dark chocolate, cut into small pieces.

Mix well together.

Spoon into tin and pop in the fridge to set.  

I use pieces of teflon sheet to line tins when baking. Saves faffing about with greasing and things getting stuck!

Cut into pieces and enjoy with your cup of tea or coffee :)


  1. Too Yummy by far, can't wait to try this one :D
    Have a lovely weekend Karen x

  2. Hi thanks for popping by
    Lots of energy?..hehe it's a myth, l can be very lazy the dent in the sofa say so lol
    That recipe looks real yummy...l'll try it on the Christmas visitors may be
    Thanks for sharing x

  3. This looks absolutely delicious!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  4. Yummy! These look and sound scrumptious!

  5. Wow it looks fantastic.
    I bet it was yummy.

  6. Serendipity indeed. As the birthday girl, on Monday I have to provide the cakes and treats for 26 peckish secretaries....this looks perfect for one platter.



  7. Looks wonderful. Do you know how these can be kept before they have to be eaten? I want to make bake some presents and these look fab.

  8. Well it doesn't say on the recipe. I would think it would be ok for a few weeks in the fridge, if you can resist eating it! xx

  9. That looks fab for a present for my dad,anything with amaretti biscuits and chocolate are his favorites. Thats if I don't eat it first!!!!

  10. so yummy, wanna try it soon..